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Kids friendly

Easy Vegan Burrito Bowls

Easy Vegan Burrito Bowls These easy to put together burrito bowls are plant based for a flavorful and delicious dinner. Put together this quick burrito bowl for lunch or for a last minute supper. Kid friendly, this burrito bowl is full of delicious and good for your food. A gluten free, low carb, and vegan …

Kids friendly

Creamy Spinach Avocado Pasta

Creamy Spinach Avocado Pasta Today I’m sharing my go-to weeknight meal of late, this creamy avocado spinach pasta. It’s fresh, easy, healthy, and the kids love it. This avocado spinach-based sauce comes together in just a few minutes, in a blender. No stovetop messes, cans to open, or time spent simmering. Just easy, simple ingredients. …